Gibson Elite Rhinebeck Double Bowl Dinnerware Set, Service for 4 (16pcs), White and Black

Price: $39.95

For the cigar lover in your life. Our handcrafted, genuine marble cigar ashtray is perfect in any setting where smokers are accommodated. Perfect to use on your patio, outdoor, home office, meeting rooms, restaurants, hotels and bars. Easy to clean with a wet sponge.
GENUINE MARBLE: We handcraft our cigar ashtrays utilizing only the purest genuine marble. Our windproof cigar ashtrays weigh almost 4lb, making them stable in most outdoor weather conditions. Also, our marble ashtrays will not rust or corrode. They can withstand being left in the sun, wind and rain!
DESIGN: Our heavy marble cigar ashtrays will give a stylish and modern look to any mancave, patio, and bbq island. Each unique cigar ashtray is beautifully hand carved from solid marble stone and polished for a high gloss finish. Please note, as we only utilize genuine marble, certain variations can occur as each piece is unique!
FUNCTION: Our elegant solid marble square ashtray includes four generously sized cigar rests. Our rests are constructed to accommodate all different gages of cigars comfortably.
EASY TO MAINTAIN: Our cigar ashtrays are extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. Simply use a wet sponge and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
FAST and FREE SHIPPING – from the moment you click purchase, shipped in 1 business days. Each box goes through a rigorous QUALITY CONTROL inspection before shipping.


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