Lovepop Cupcake Birthday Birthday Card with Pop-Up Gift – Birthday Card – Handcrafted 3D Pop-Up Greeting Card – Birthday Card, 5 x 7”

Price: $92.95
(as of Mar 23,2023 03:21:07 UTC – Details)

Is your Mom not too up to speed with the latest gadgets?Do you know that anything with a touch screen or has more than 3 buttons will have her scratching her head in confusion?Well maybe it’s time to go back to basics!With a Mom’s Garden Sundial Gift she will be showing YOU how it works! So you don’t have to book more time off work to show her how to use that new gadget for the 6th time that week! Or she can attach the bracket and mount it on a shelf or mantelpiece, to simply admire the Quality English craftsmanship that has gone into creating her proper quality gift.After All, What Is A Gift Really? A gift is not a pair of pants, it’s not an itunes gift card, a box of chocolates or even a sundial! It is just a symbol of love from one human being to another. It is you saying to your Mom “I love you, I am thankful and thinking of you and I want you to know that every time you look at this gift.” That’s all it really is! So if so then get her something that will last! She can appreciate this every time she sees the finely hand polished finish. Each sundial is handmade from thick brass and is fully lacquered. There is no need for you to re-polish it ever again.
Here’s Why This Sundial Collection Is What You Have Been Looking For:
HAVE YOU BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT? Has Mom got enough candles and scarfs to last her 3 lifetimes? Maybe it’s time you treated her to something special?
FOR THE MOM THAT HAS EVERYTHING: Give her something she won’t be expecting! Create that magical smile of wonder on Christmas or birthday morning when she opens her sundial gift.
QUALITY HANDMADE IN ENGLAND: Warning this is not your usual online import! This is an awesome quality handmade item you cannot buy in the shops. Made from solid cast brass, the quality is obvious to see and feel.
FULLY PROTECTED FROM THE ELEMENTS: With solid metal, outdoor quality paint and a 2 coat heavy duty lacquer this sundial can endure wind, rain, Alaska frost, Florida sunshine and even red wine.
SPECIFICATIONS: Specially sized to be either installed outside or mounted on its supplied stand indoors. Diameter: 6¼” (165mm), Height With Gnomon: 3” (75mm), Weight 800g


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