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The Namji tribe are famous for these carved wooden decorative dolls used as both fertility dolls and play dolls for young girls who would name them, feed them, and carry them everywhere. Each doll is carved with unique features and facial expressions, making each truly one-of-a-kind. This small African namji doll is hand-carved from solid South African pine wood and adorned with glass beads around her head, natural cowrie shells around her waist, and kente cloth garb, a culturally significant silk and cotton fabric. Each a special work of art, these sacred dolls help prepare young girls for Namji womanhood and motherhood while being widely deemed some of the most beautiful dolls in Africa.
Handmade in North Cameroon
Features natural pine wood and cowrie shells
One of a kind Namji doll
3.65″L x 7.15″W x 18.2″H


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